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The WM147L1 is a normally closed 3-way non-compensating relay valve, equipped with a WM111B breather. Pilot control pressure is used to open the normally closed valve. When sufficient control pressure is applied (35-45 PSI, 241-310 kPa), an internal diaphragm expands and unseats the poppet. Air flows from the supply port to the outlet port. The valve will exhaust pressure, when the control pressure drops below the required level, at the outlet through the exhaust breather.

ABS/ATC Valve Package Part Number 472 500 422 0
Crack Pressure 4.0 psi
Fits Part # Dual Wheels
OEM Cross Reference # WM-147-P WIL111542
System Configuration 4S/4M
Voltage (V) 12
Weight (lbs) 0.92
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